Feel The Noise [EP] Produced by Rashid Hadee

by PhiLLaNOise [Jay iLLa & PHIL G.]



In the tradition of DJ and MC tandems, PHIL G. and DJ Jay iLLa formed PhiLLaNOise and bring to you their debut collaboration "Feel The Noise." This project was an idea formed by the duo in 2009, along with renown hip hop producer from Chicago, Prolyfic. Pro gave the two idea of combing their names (PHIL G. - Jay iLLaNOise) and calling themselves PhiLLaNOise. After 5 years of handling other ventures they finally set aside time to create this EP and present it to the world. Enlisting one producer [Rashid Hadee] who they equally admire to handle the soundscape. The creative process of this project began in October 2013 and ended one year later upon its release. Handling the bulk of the song conceptions and ideas...Phil G. takes lead and paves the way on each record for Jay to effortlessly follow the format and add his contribution of true to life lyricism. "Feel The Noise" offers a cohesive sound and a thread of pride for the culture of Chicago hip hop. Featuring progressive soul singer out of Ohio "AB," who is known for his work with Black Milk, 14 kt, and Nat Turner on "StiLL" and the native Chicago songstress "Soltre James" on "Love" and "Stressed Out" the project intertwines soulful harmonics with gritty bass driven tracks. This 8 song debut from the combo of Phil and Jay is promising and will keep you bouncing. After years of being personally mentored by legends in the music game like The Twilite Tone (Common's DJ/producer), and collaborating on records with hip hop titans like Pharoahe Monch (This Is Our Thing), Sadat X (This Is Our Thing/ I AM [Rap Soloist]), and J. Ivy (Go With Me)…it shows that PhiLLaNOise are well groomed and seasoned in the art of music and in particular Hip Hop.


released October 9, 2014

Produced, Composed, Mixed, and Mastered by Rashid Hadee
Co-Produced by PHIL G.
Background Vocals by Soltre James
Bonus Track Prod. by DRTY GNUS
Executive Producer Phillip Brown
Assoicate Executive Producer James Davis
Photography by Tito Garcia - @gotit_lens Instagram
Artwork by John Williams - chicagowebguy@yahoo.com



all rights reserved


PHIL G. Chicago, Illinois

PHIL G. is a multi talented hip hop artist. known for his performance and writing he has worked with many of the industry's shining stars. Wether its collaborating on songs with Grammy award winning songwriters (Tarrey Torae, Warren "Really Doe" Trotter, Malik Yusef, and J. Ivy) or penning hooks for underground hip hop legends (Pharoahe Monch, Sadat X) PHIL G. is an EMCEE to always check for. ... more

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Track Name: Intro :: PhiLLaNOise

Put it down for my niggaz from my city jo. Put it down for my niggaz from the windy yo. Chi city Phillanoise where you finna go. To the tipy tipy top tryna get the gold. Tryna get the gold ... Yea we out to get the dough! Shout to them big boys stackin figures hoe! Jayilla Phil GooD yea we winning bro! Hadiesel on the beat whats the business tho...whats the business jo.. Whats the business bro? Im talkn make money money make plenty mo! Southside westside ride with us tho...northside worldwide put ya ppl on. Put ya ppl on, yeah put ya ppl on. We Put it down for the ppl in the city dog. Put it down for the ppl from the windy yall. Chi city Phillanosie...yea we in the zone!

Verse 1

m on stage and im rapping with my dick in my hand. Feelin bigger than the biggest body builder alive. You rhyme marginal so u dont wanna rock with me dog i stay chisiled like 1 of lou ferigno's arms
The power gawd. Please pardon the garbage from my city. You think that shit was dope we got a difference in opinion. I aint lookin for no enemies, all im sayin is lets keep this thang interesting. This is hip hop, send shots from my windbox, thru your systen as you bend blocks and speculate ya next pit stop. My pen is hot like miami sand. Thats why i think i got it locked like miami fans. I heard em say you better take advantage while you can. Till you on a private island piling thousand island ya chicken salad and...sangria in ya chalice bad diva eating salmon we imagine these dreams can really happen...yo jay bring in the scratches...
Track Name: Nothing We Can't Do
Phil G. Lyrics

Verse 1
My team is strong...my dreams are born...my heart is pure, my art is war, my aura is got a confidence they all adore. My verse so cold they call for encore

I feel a itch in my palm, feel like im buildin a bomb, my thoughts yield success, yo we the freshest by far, plus the best with these bars, i leave the devil in scars, oppose this dog you gon need a medical squad.

Ayo between me and you it aint nothing we cant do, my dude lets show this world that together we cant lose...

My dude lets show this world that together we haterproof, speaking the truth, just so you know, we rocking for you...

Ayo between me and you it aint nothing we cant do, my dude lets show this world that together we show and prove

My dude lets show this world we make our own rules, we aint askin for nothing yo we make our own moves...

Verse 2
It go yes yes yalln Phil flow be flawless, yall lethargic, naw yall lame and awkward. Everything you touch is tarnished, everything I touch is timeless, allustrious rhyming...

Lyrical logic, certificates of deposits, mutual profits, its all on the horizon. We striving and climbing, we go iLLs finest, we rising and got the whole city behind us...
Track Name: F.Y.M.
Verse 1

Oh lord the devil wanna take me out. Oh Boy im hopin that u hold me down. I call upon your name when them demons come around. They screamin disbelief on everything i be about. Hold it now...speed ballin slow it down. Dont get it twisted i dont think im holier than thou. But Its power in my words, power in my voice, i make phillanoise they dont have a fuggn choice! Rolls royce.. All black like the omen, thats the wip i wanna get...can u picture me rollin? Vocally im explosive ferocious and thought provoking, The flow is so tightly woven its potent like ibuprofen. My emotion! ...spills all over the beat, they hatin im reshaping the game like pottery. So it dont bother me, im thee anomaly, my swagger 95 in 2014. Fuck you mean…

I aint ever gon change, i'd rather be myself than be you niggaz any day! Fuck u mean?
I aint gotta do a thang , fuck u mean?
I only gotta do my thang
i aint never made a change.
I'll forever stay the same, i always been amazing
I aint never been a lame
Fuck you mean?
I aint gotta do a thang, fuck u mean?
I just gotta do my thang!

Verse 2

You talkin niggaz in paris im talking children and marriage. talkin pimpin these hoes. Im talkn being a good parent. Tryna increase my numerics, somethin my seeds can inherit. Live a disciplined life and keep it free from histerics. Evil flee from my spirit Jesus keep bringing me peace. Wifey keep bringin me loving when im in need of release. Always keep a mystique, always been one to intrigue. Always make songs for honeys but this ones for the G's. im taking one for the team. I got a full head of steam, im busting thru barricades, im tryna crush your regime. U just a puppet with strings, you lookin puzzeled and dazed, you wunder how it get done when this is nothing for me. And imma stay suckafree of niggaz sucking they teeth, all the bitter muffugaz up in this industry. Mad cause im making Heat!
Mad cause they cant fuck wit me!
C'mon fam fawkyoumean?!
Track Name: Love ft. Soltre James

Ayo my stand point is stay on point. Never lose sight of where you been or where you going. Keep it real from the door so therefore you dont owe niggaz shit when maafuckas feel a sudden sense of entitlement. My mind got the mightiest strength. Forever he hot, and potna you could never be this, Im ready, you not. You rockin with a rarity. Dont none of these other muthafuckas compare to me.
Phil G. Check the steelo. 17 this was me yo, a young aspiring mc with dreams to the next M E T- H O D, man my flow sweet, so i got at my boy Don deez off hale street. His brother makin beats, yeah thats Steve Reaves. He liking my steez, we form a tight chemistry. He taught me degrees about the different rhyme schemes. And intrictate plots themes on the same lines, as what im on. Time to perform, talent shows, contests, the conquest just to get a rep i was restless. Fast fwd 2005, 25 w/twins plus id married my wife. Started feelin like this music shit was fallin behind Til i talked to an old friend of mine. Told me come on homie we major. And really doe i felt enabled to turn nothing to somethin, now pimpin thats a savior, say word i pray that this verse inspires you to be the you, that we all can admire. Sometimes life might not go according to plan, and the path you thought you'd take take a turn for the bad, understand thats in Gods hands. And we dont argue with that we just say A Men, aw man is there a heaven where a real g is notable. If so, thats where me and my niggaz wanna go. Phillanoise noise noise.


This is everything that i am and everything that im not, everything i want and everything I got, this the life that chose I know its a longshot but yo i got ((( LOVE ))) for music music, sometimes i hate even fool with it. To the point that i catch an attitude widit. You talk but cant walk the same route i do, cuz im doin it with (((LOVE)))
Track Name: StiLL ft. AB
Verse 1

We done been thru the ups the downs the smiles the frowns. The cussing the fussin, you puttin me out. You stubborn as a brick but you say im stubborn too, you right and im wrong, girl tell me something new. My conscience is through, the conflict dun grew. Exhausted, im ready to walk but then thoughts recollect how you are such an exceptional chic, gotta be, to put up with me and all of my shit. Yo i admit that my temperment is kinda extreme but girl you grind my gears so bad my ears blow steam. Yo why you being so mean...you my dream come true, i mean all things considered ma you still my boo. How bout we do something exclusive, yeah just the 2 of us, white sands of aruba, chillin sippin on kalua and cream, rejuvenatin this thing, and vow that nobody or nothing ever break this team. I still love you.


Somehow you're always workin my nerves but I love you girl
im only this subservient cause I love you girl
I hope the truth dont hurt you to much cause I love you girl
So baby dont go worrying none I...
I still love you, i still..