Verse 1

Oh lord the devil wanna take me out. Oh Boy im hopin that u hold me down. I call upon your name when them demons come around. They screamin disbelief on everything i be about. Hold it now...speed ballin slow it down. Dont get it twisted i dont think im holier than thou. But Its power in my words, power in my voice, i make phillanoise they dont have a fuggn choice! Rolls royce.. All black like the omen, thats the wip i wanna get...can u picture me rollin? Vocally im explosive ferocious and thought provoking, The flow is so tightly woven its potent like ibuprofen. My emotion! ...spills all over the beat, they hatin im reshaping the game like pottery. So it dont bother me, im thee anomaly, my swagger 95 in 2014. Fuck you mean…

I aint ever gon change, i'd rather be myself than be you niggaz any day! Fuck u mean?
I aint gotta do a thang , fuck u mean?
I only gotta do my thang
i aint never made a change.
I'll forever stay the same, i always been amazing
I aint never been a lame
Fuck you mean?
I aint gotta do a thang, fuck u mean?
I just gotta do my thang!

Verse 2

You talkin niggaz in paris im talking children and marriage. talkin pimpin these hoes. Im talkn being a good parent. Tryna increase my numerics, somethin my seeds can inherit. Live a disciplined life and keep it free from histerics. Evil flee from my spirit Jesus keep bringing me peace. Wifey keep bringin me loving when im in need of release. Always keep a mystique, always been one to intrigue. Always make songs for honeys but this ones for the G's. im taking one for the team. I got a full head of steam, im busting thru barricades, im tryna crush your regime. U just a puppet with strings, you lookin puzzeled and dazed, you wunder how it get done when this is nothing for me. And imma stay suckafree of niggaz sucking they teeth, all the bitter muffugaz up in this industry. Mad cause im making Heat!
Mad cause they cant fuck wit me!
C'mon fam fawkyoumean?!


from Feel The Noise [EP] Produced by Rashid Hadee, released October 9, 2014
written by Phil G.
produced and mixed by Rashid Hadee
Background Vocals by Soltre James



all rights reserved


PHIL G. Chicago, Illinois

PHIL G. is a multi talented hip hop artist. known for his performance and writing he has worked with many of the industry's shining stars. Wether its collaborating on songs with Grammy award winning songwriters (Tarrey Torae, Warren "Really Doe" Trotter, Malik Yusef, and J. Ivy) or penning hooks for underground hip hop legends (Pharoahe Monch, Sadat X) PHIL G. is an EMCEE to always check for. ... more

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