Ayo my stand point is stay on point. Never lose sight of where you been or where you going. Keep it real from the door so therefore you dont owe niggaz shit when maafuckas feel a sudden sense of entitlement. My mind got the mightiest strength. Forever he hot, and potna you could never be this, Im ready, you not. You rockin with a rarity. Dont none of these other muthafuckas compare to me.
Phil G. Check the steelo. 17 this was me yo, a young aspiring mc with dreams to the next M E T- H O D, man my flow sweet, so i got at my boy Don deez off hale street. His brother makin beats, yeah thats Steve Reaves. He liking my steez, we form a tight chemistry. He taught me degrees about the different rhyme schemes. And intrictate plots themes on the same lines, as what im on. Time to perform, talent shows, contests, the conquest just to get a rep i was restless. Fast fwd 2005, 25 w/twins plus id married my wife. Started feelin like this music shit was fallin behind Til i talked to an old friend of mine. Told me come on homie we major. And really doe i felt enabled to turn nothing to somethin, now pimpin thats a savior, say word i pray that this verse inspires you to be the you, that we all can admire. Sometimes life might not go according to plan, and the path you thought you'd take take a turn for the bad, understand thats in Gods hands. And we dont argue with that we just say A Men, aw man is there a heaven where a real g is notable. If so, thats where me and my niggaz wanna go. Phillanoise noise noise.


This is everything that i am and everything that im not, everything i want and everything I got, this the life that chose I know its a longshot but yo i got ((( LOVE ))) for music music, sometimes i hate even fool with it. To the point that i catch an attitude widit. You talk but cant walk the same route i do, cuz im doin it with (((LOVE)))


from Feel The Noise [EP] Produced by Rashid Hadee, released October 9, 2014
Hook and Verse 1 written by PHIL G. Verse 2 written by Jay iLLa
Produced and mixed by Rashid Hadee
Background Vocals Performed by Soltre James



all rights reserved


PHIL G. Chicago, Illinois

PHIL G. is a multi talented hip hop artist. known for his performance and writing he has worked with many of the industry's shining stars. Wether its collaborating on songs with Grammy award winning songwriters (Tarrey Torae, Warren "Really Doe" Trotter, Malik Yusef, and J. Ivy) or penning hooks for underground hip hop legends (Pharoahe Monch, Sadat X) PHIL G. is an EMCEE to always check for. ... more

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